Saturday, April 23, 2016


Yes, this is a quilt.  Isn't it amazing?

This is the center medallion from a quilt.  Can't believe it was not a prize winner

Absolutely beautiful and quilted to perfection.

Does anyone else ever look at a quilt and ask themselves "Why can't I quilt like this?"

Please excuse the horrible photo, one of the miniatures.  I'm guessing the total size of this quilt to be approx 12 inches.

Talk about color

I didn't know you could do these things with fabric

or this 

So many beautiful quilts

Creativity and skill all working together


  1. Thanks for sharing - so many beauties here. Were there many hand quilted entries?

  2. Seriously? The horses is a quilted rug? Were the horses appliqued on or pieces individually stitched to make each horse a horse? I cannot wrap my head around that one and can't enlarge the photo big enough to see the detail. Great job regardless.

  3. Lucky you to go to Paducah! Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Can't believe the horses aren't a painting!
    Some fantastic quilts here! I look at them and think, I don't want to put in the effort it takes to make quilts like these. *LOL*

  5. I really don't know if a spectacular show makes you motivated or a bit discouraged. 🙃

  6. Amazing quilts! Thanks for sharing the show with us!

  7. oh wow great shots ! no fessing up on your purchases? or will that be another post LOL , loved the hexie mini quilt - wonderful!

  8. Wow!! Fabulous quilts!! I especially love the horses - they are sooo real!! I hope to get to Padukah one day!!

  9. Thanks for sharing photos of the show. Paducah is on my bucket list.

  10. I love each one of these quilts.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Amazing quilts! I think the last is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!