Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dessert Plates

My dislike of shopping is no secret.  Truth be told my friends and family would say I loathe shopping.  Grandmother Bessie would often say:  "I'm not a shopper." 

Thankfully, Grandfather Isaac and AppleJack are shoppers.  Make a grocery list and send them off to the store and they do an excellent job.  Grandmother so intensely disliked shopping, Grandfather Issac bought her clothes and shoes. 

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to AppleJack I needed a new pair of boots.  He sighed, hung his head and said "we will have to go shopping."  He understands my shopping woes.

Fortunately, Williams-Sonoma happens to be next door to the shoe store.  The aromas coming from Williams-Sonoma were calling my name and I do enjoy caressing the latest kitchen gadgets.  The store was very festive with fall and Thanksgiving decorations.  There was a beautiful display of Thanksgiving plates.

As I pondered purchasing turkey dessert plates for Thanksgiving, I remembered Grandmother Bessie's Autumn Leaf dishes.  Decision time:  Williams-Sonoma turkey dessert plates or Grandmother Bessie's Autumn Leaf dessert plates.

Guess who won?  Fortunately, the Autumn Leaf dishes are affordable and can be found in antique shops, etsy shops and on Ebay. 

And to the delight of AppleJack, I purchased new boots, not nearly as exciting as dessert plates.


  1. Love the stitched piece in your first picture! I don't like shopping either. Glad you found some boots!

  2. I don't like shopping either, so I do most of my shopping online. Pretty plates.

  3. Glad you got new boots and decided to use your grandmother's dishes. I've seen that pattern many times at flea markets etc. it's a wonderful autumn pattern.

  4. I think you made an excellent choice. I'm not much of a shopper either unless it's books or antiques!

  5. lol! I love that the men do the shopping in your family! DH used to go grocery shopping for me too. No such luck anymore though. Ah well.

  6. I dislike shopping myself, Mike does the grocery shopping for us, he will not shop for all my make-up and hair stuff or clothing.
    The leaf pattern was offered by the Jewel Tea company many years ago, a door to door company, there is a Hall China stamp on the back of mine, I have my Grandmothers and Mothers dishes.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  7. I don't mind shopping as much as I detest crowds and the endless lines to check out, especially this time of year. To avoid both, I shop in the evening.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.