Sunday, November 8, 2015

CVQA (Cumberland Valley Quilters Association)

Historic Franklin Quilt Show
St Philip Catholic Church
2nd and Main

Saturday was the perfect day for some girl time and there is nothing like a quilt show to sing to this girls heart.  Civil War Reproduction quilts, antique quilts, challenge quilts, vendors, tools, kits, fabrics and books--something for everyone.

Star of Bethlehem 
The colors in this quilt are bold and worked beautifully with each other.  There were tiny stitches in the hand quilting.

Applique album quilt.  Difficult to see in the photo but a beautiful hand quilted feather running down the outside border.

Bold use of color is this very challenging Judy Neimeyer design

A two color Burgoyne Surrounded--am gathering fabrics are reading construction direction for one of my own.

Sunbonnet Sue grows up and selects her formal for the dance.

Signature quilt

Irish Chain--the squares in this quilt were tiny

More beautiful appliqué and hand quilting

My favorite quilt in the entire show!  An antique quilt on loan from Carnton.  The maker of the quilt had signed and dated 1865.  It was exquisite and fragile and showing signs of wear.  Thousands of tiny stitches in the hand quilting.

Thank you CVQA for a wonderful show.  You made an overcast Saturday bright and beautiful with your quilts.  Motivation to get me off my hiney and finish up those half dozen quilts I have started!

I almost forgot to share one of my favorite star quilts.  This one is made from men's ties purchased from the Salvation Army, washed and fussy cut into stars.  Can't tell from the quality of my very poor photo, there is some really fancy hand quilting between those stars.  


  1. What a beautiful quilt show! I star was amazing with the choice of colors. I love the quilting so the antique one really got my attention.

  2. I loved the star quilt too. I don't know how many of my dad's ties are still around, but I think that would be a fantastic use for a memorial quilt.

  3. Wow, what fabulous quilts! What a nice quilt show that must have been ... thanks for sharing with us.

  4. You picked all the right quilts to share. What a beautiful show and it appeared there were quite a few hand quilted quilts as well. Which seems to get fewer and fewer at most shows. I can see why it was great motivation. A Burgoyne Surrounded has always been on my list too.

  5. Nice show! I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful quilts!

  6. What a lovely show....such gorgeous quilts and I appreciated seeing the closeups of the quilting on them too :-)

  7. so wonderful to see all those beautiful examples from the quilt show. the antique with the trapunta (?) was gorgeous. what a treasure and I'll be interested to see what comes forth from your needle. Enjoy ! Mel