Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Mecklenburg 1775
Little by Little, Cynthia Bradford
Needlepoint Silks
Stash Linen (Birds of a Feather, Sparrow, I think)

When I began doing research on Grandmother Bessie's family, one of my challenges was the spelling of their name.  Grandmother Bessie spelled her maiden name Shults.  When Grandfather, Johan Velten "Valentine"  immigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania he spelled his last name Shultz.  Here are some of the reasons for changes in name spellings:
  1. Immigration agents and census takers could not correctly spell the last name
  2. The last name could not be correctly pronounced and was spelled the way it sounded
  3. Improve employment opportunities
  4. Fit better into the American Culture
The last name Shultz has been spelled forty different ways!  Forty different spellings--yes, it has made research challenging.  Here are some of the more common spellings I have found:  Schultz, Schulz, Shulz, Schulze, Shults, Shoults.

Another sampler to add to the Grandmother Bessie needlework wall.  There are several pieces in contention for the next project.  One is Family Record by Kathy Barrick modified to show Grandmother Bessie's family.  Lancaster County Coverlet by Threadwork Primitives a quick stitch to give me some instant gratification,  Garden Maiden by La D Da a housewife for Sister Bonnie, and PA Sampler by Carriage House are also contenders.


  1. It's beautiful! I love the history on the name too!

  2. Your sampler is beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing this special story too.

  3. Congratulations on your sampler finish! I really like the colors and motifs (especially the Quaker ones) in this.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Congrats on your beautiful sampler! I love the history & meaning that this sampler reflects. love Annette

  5. congrats on finishing another beautiful tribute piece to your grandmother. I love the quilt too, it's wrapped in so many memories for you - such a good thing. the piecing and quilting are lovely. hope you are enjoying some cooler temps as fall maybe creeps closer. Mel

  6. Very nice! My grandparents' names were all misspelled in immigration records.

  7. I really need to investigate my ancestors. You've done a fantastic job with that search - plus that needlework is amazing! What a wonderful piece to add to the wall.

  8. What a beautiful little sampler. My DH, the family genealogist, has found similar things with the spelling of family names. It can be a bit confusing especially if you are trying to prove a family connection.

  9. Love this finish! Amazing that Shultz has that many different spellings!

  10. What a beautiful Sampler, what an honor to your Grandmother.
    Yes even a name like Carlson can be spelled different ways.


  11. A beautiful sampler finish! Congrats!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

  12. Beautiful sampler. Love the colors.