Sunday, September 20, 2015

AQS Quilt Week in Chattanooga

Civil War Bride Quilt aka The Bird of Paradise
The story behind this quilt is thought to be an unfinished marriage or
wedding quilt.  The vertical rows of appliquéd blocks which feature pairs of birds or animals.  In addition to these animal pairs, other symbols of union and fertility can be found on the bedcover, they include birds tending nests of eggs, flowers and fruits.  A single female appears in one block and the block next to her appears almost empty.  Newspaper templates, including a template of a single male, were found with this quilt suggesting the quilt was never finished and the marriage never took place.

Yes, this was one of my favorite quilts at the show--a traditional quilt with a story.

A great twist/addition to a log cabin quilt.  With the different motifs in the houses, this quilt becomes a log cabin sampler

The white on the black background made this quilt look like lace

The photo does not begin to do this quilt justice.  The colors were stunning and the quilting was over the top. 

Wool Alphabet Sampler
Primitive Gatherings
This is more my style and skill level.

Thank you AppleJack for indulging me in a mental health day.  The quilts were beautiful and had fun shopping in the Primitive Gatherings booth.  Come back to Nashville AQS week!  We have a brand new convention center ready to meet your needs.


  1. Wow!! They are all gorgeous and love to hear the stories

  2. Amazing quilts, thank you for sharing all this wonderful inspiration!

  3. I wish they would have held Quilt Week the week before like last year. We didn't stop in Chattanooga for Quilt Week on our way to SC, and I regretted it immensely - and vowed not to make that mistake this year. Alas, we arrived here on the 12th and won't be leaving until the 26th. At least I got to see some of the quilts, thanks to you.

  4. Everything looks so lovely! The CWB quilt has always been one of my faves.

  5. So many beautiful quilts!! I love the design of the log cabin.

  6. Never enough viewings of Civil War Bride quilts - so stunning. Is there speculation that perhaps the groom was a soldier who died during the war and the wedding never happened? If only quilts could talk..
    Thank you for sharing the images. Love the Log Cabin Sampler!!