Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

La D Da
Birdy Stitching Roll

Three day weekends are great, aren't they?  Labor Day weekend 2014 found me spending stitching time with kindred spirits.  There was also time spent dropping off the Aunt Maggie's stitching roll to the LNS for finishing.

Picking up the latest Colonial Gathering finishing.

Cotton Bird Kit #3 from the Colonial Gatherings Club was finished into a purse--inside is my Kindle.  Betty, the finisher once again worked her wonderful magic!

Stacy Nash
Whaling Ship

I started stitching Stacy Nash's Whaling ship.  Am stitching on 35 ct Hog Wild Blue linen from R & R.  This is a fun stitch.

Discovered a new to me shop in Clarksville called The Old Mercantile.  One of the stitch girls had lined the bottom of her carrier with a needlework piece.  Stacy finished this piece of needlework into a tray--the carrier will be a perfect fit.  

Picking up and dropping off finished pieces of needlework, discovering new shops, time with cherished stitching friends, progress on projects--a perfect Labor Day weekend.  

I almost forgot--Dying to Stitch has a photo of the next Colonial Gathering kit!  Looks like a beauty--a coverlet candle mat!  I have put Callie Mae on postman watch.


  1. I'm in love with everything you've made and are making. That blue tray is so perfect for that Stacy Nash piece! Your finisher is fantastic! And OMG, I love that La D Da piece!

  2. Love the bold, funky colors n the Bird Roll. Super cute! Excellent finishes and nice start on the whale. So glad you had a wonderful and productive stitchy weekend.

  3. what a super Labor Day weekend you had. What could be better than exploring a new shop, stitching and picking up finished lovelies. I just LOVE that carrier you found for the Whaling piece by Stacy. I have been toying with purchasing that one but since it wasn't limited - I can get it after my c/c recovers from the LE batch of purchases from market. Hope September breezes bring special treats your way. Mel

  4. Your finishes are gorgeous and I love the blue tray

  5. Great stitching and wonderful finishing from your finisher. You are right, it sounds like the perfect weekend :)