Sunday, September 28, 2014

Finding Fall

The calendar says it is fall, I'm not sure the thermostat agrees.  The mornings are cool with temps in the low fifties, by the afternoon, the temps soar to the eighties.  

I am underdressed in the mornings and over dressed in the afternoon.  I took a trip to the local garden center to find fall. The garden centers are filled with mums and pansies and pumpkins!

With the hot temps, I have been a little slow in changing the decorations from summer to fall.

Nothing says fall like acorns and black crows.

An oldie but a favorite goodie--Blackbird's Autumn Song.  Seeing the colors on these leaves, reminds me to look outside the windows and see the leaves on the dogwood tree turning to a brilliant red and the leaves on the tulip poplar turning bright yellow.

The inside of the box is lined with very fallish fabric and filled with crow needle minders and acorn thread keeps.

A dough bowl is filled with some fall smalls.

I'm off for a trip to the apple orchard to purchase apples--Mutsu and Winesap.


  1. Love your sewing box and what is stored inside it too! Love all your smalls! It doesn't feel like fall around here either. it did for a while, and it will again later this week.

  2. What a wonderful sewing box. I love all the fall smalls. I was having the same problem as you. It was so warm. This week we have finally cooled off some.

  3. Wonderful stitching finishes and lovely in your displays. It's starting to turn here in the UK too.