Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Workings

Have you ever had one of those weekends when you were super busy and don't have much to show for your efforts?  That would be me.  The temps are hot, the humidity has sweat rolling down my backside before I leave the house, and the garden is looking brown and parched.  We have entered one of my least favorite times of the year--the dog days of summer.  And next week--school starts! 

One of the good things about summer is the bounty of produce coming from the garden.  Tomatoes become tomato juice--will be delicious this winter in soups.  Nineteen quarts and counting toward the goal of forty eight.

Watermelons have been juicy, sweet, delicious and abundant. 

Peaches--peeling not so much fun, but the rewards are great.  Those frozen peaches will taste mighty fine in a cobbler this winter when the cold winds are blowing.  Eight quarts down four more to go.

Progress on the Cotton Bird.   I'm working on the cotton boils.  My most favorite part of this design as been stitching the wandering vines and trumpet flowers.  Hope to have this finished this week and off to the finishers.

The French Braid quilt with the French General fabrics has been sewn together and is ready for its trip to the long armed quilter.  I have an October deadline for this quilt and waiting until the last minute is not my idea of fun.

Throw in some pre-market stash acquisitions--gotta hone my shopping skills before the St Charles market in August.

Add a beautiful Taize Worship Service at Church, mailing packages to a friend (better late than never) and enjoying the last blooms of summer.


  1. I love Cotton Bird! And your hot weather - send it this way. I'll have to search for freezing peaches the proper way.

  2. Wow! You have been very busy! We've a daughter who lives in your general area who speaks of Taize services that are occasionally held at her United Methodist Church.

  3. Lots of great produce, stitching, and quilting. You have been very busy!

  4. Fantastic on your lovely canned produce! Love the stitching and quilting too. I can't believe how early school is starting at various places this year! Wow!

  5. I admire you doing all that canning - wish I could get into it but alas I have precious little time home from work as it is. Your projects are looking lovely. Yes the dog days of summer will last a good bit longer down in the deep south. Enjoy! Mel