Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Little Quilt that Grew

Remember this little quilt, my patriotic red, white and blue quilt? 144 HST (half square triangles)

It now looks like this and it is still growing!  360 HST (half square triangles)

One of my on-going goals is to utilize and reduce the amount of fabric in my stash.  As I was stitching the "little quilt" I realized there were more red, white and blue fabrics in my stash along with several more sheets of 1 3/4" HST sheets and I just kept sewing.  If I am doing the calculations correctly, there should be an additional 144 HST's.  504 1 3/4" HST's.  AppleJack thinks I might be loosing it.  He might be right!

These are the fabrics for the borders.  The gold and red fabrics are from Primitive Gathering, the blue stars is a mystery fabric.  

When I am not sewing on the "little quilt" on steroids, I have been weeding.  Here are my rewards:


  1. Your quilt is like the Duracell battery commercial. It just keeps going and going.:-) Lovely lilies.

  2. Your quilt is coming along nicely. Beautiful fabrics ~ I got some fabrics like that at Primitive Gatherings also ~ I really love that shop. I also have some of the star fabric ~ I got it from Hancock fabrics.
    Lovely flowers you have in your garden!!!
    Prim Blessings

  3. That has exploded but it looks amazing!

  4. That's going to be an amazing quilt! Beautiful flowers too!

  5. I love this quilt! Makes me want to quit being so lazy and get the sewing machine out. :) Your flowers are always so pretty!

  6. Oh such great progress on that beautiful quilt! I love your garden. =)

  7. Betty - Your "quilt on Steriods" is going to be fabulous!! And your garden already is - my favorite - Hydrangeas!!