Friday, March 20, 2020


Hope everyone had securely buckled their seat belts, because it has been a bumpy ride!  March 2020 has brought new words into my vocabulary:  social distancing/isolating, coronavirus, stay-in-place.  Ask AppleJack where my favorite place is and he will tell you home.

The past several days/weeks have given me time to think about my home and family.  I have thought about the hardships Great Grandmother Anne Elizabeth endured during the Civil War.  

I have thought about the promise of spring and the return of the perennials to my garden.  Old friends returning for a visit.

A brisk walk in fresh air, a time to let my body work and my mind rest.

Sitting at a table and sharing a home cooked meal.

The smell and taste of fresh baked cookies from the oven.

 Resting under the warmth of a hand made quilt.  

I have thought about the anxiety which Grandfather Johann Martin must have felt as he was crossing the Atlantic headed to the Americas and a new home.  The sadness felt my Grandmother Bessie in the death of her Mother and two sisters within three years.  The fear of Grandmother Rebecca as she waved goodbye to her sons headed off to fight in WWII.  The perseverance of my parents growing up during the depression.

My family, warts and all.  Through all these times, they found their inner strength and kept going.  Cool heads, rational thinkers, finding a way to carry on.


  1. A peaceful and thought-provoking post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. This was a lovely post. Those of us who love being home are fortunate during a difficult time like this. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

  3. It sure helps to be part of the quilting blog community at this time. We have something to keep us occupied that is satisfying.

  4. Such a good message in such trying times!

    Is that bottom quilt Jo Morton's Bacon and Eggs? It's lovely!

  5. Touche.... I am a "homebody" as well (actually, an extreme introvert bordering on hermit LOL??). I am perhaps best suited to the "social distancing" and "sheltering-in-place" thing...I am very accustomed to being alone, and have no problems "entertaining" myself (and have enough projects - fun and otherwise - to keep me busy for several lifetimes) might be a different matter, but it will be a while before I starve LOL... I am, however, disheartened by the selfishness and greed that this crisis has brought out in so many. :-( Praying for "cool heads" and rational thinking for all ~ Robin

  6. nice to read your post about persevering thru difficult times. these are somewhat unprecedented by most people alive today. Sending you best wishes and healthy days