Monday, August 12, 2019

Exceedingly Diligent

In All Things be Exceedingly Diligent
Needlework Press 2018
Legacy Linen 37 ct Russian Tea Cake
Au Ver A Soie silks

Saltbox Stitcher is such an enabler!  Carol, the Saltbox Stitcher showed her framed Diligence sampler and I was smitten.  This sampler is long and skinny (406 stitches wide and 95 stitches high).

When I finish the stitching it is going to be approximately 24 inches long.  No worries, I already have a spot picked out where it will hang when finished and framed.

This is my first time stitching a Needlework Press sampler/design and my first time stitching on 37 ct Legacy linen--I like them both!

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.
Abigail Adams


  1. What a gorgeous linen color that is! You are off to a fabulous start on this piece.

  2. ahhhh very nice ! I am using 37 ct on two HATS samplers recommended choice by the Attic. I like it just fine but then I have always felt Legacy linen was awesome. I do still prefer hand dyed linen but it seems to be harder and harder to obtain in quantity for the shop owners. Enjoy ! Mel

  3. Oh, wow--looking so good!
    Looking forward to seeing more of this!

  4. This sampler is a favorite of mine. I love Carol/Saltbox Stitcher! I come away inspired to stitch all things sampler but then reality sets in! I have obligation stitching to take care of. Have fun!

  5. I have seen that sampler and really like it!What a good quote from Abigail Adams.

  6. Oh this is pretty! I need to look up Saltbox Stitcher. Someone else mentioned her too.

  7. This is a beautiful Sampler, I am looking forward to seeing your finish.
    I need to look up Saltbox Stitcher.


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