Saturday, April 27, 2019

Stitch Maynia 2019 or Stitch Nine Challenge

Social Media is buzzing with Stitch Maynia 2019.  There are so many great ideas and ways to participate in this event.  True confession, I have never participated in Stitch Maynia, the though of starting a new project every day for nineteen days or thirty-one days is enough to make my eye twitch, my head spin and send this "I have how many WIP's girl, running for the quiet and security of my stitch room.  Now, having shared some of my fears and phobia's, I will also say, reading and watching about everyone's plans is motivating and inspiring.  There are so many great ideas and ways to participate in Stitch Maynia and visiting one's stash and stroking linens and fibers is pure delight.

Faye (Carolina Stitcher) and Nicole (Nicole Needleworks) have an interesting approach to Maynia, they are calling it Make Do.  Over 70 years ago, Americans were encouraged to be frugal to help the war effort.  Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without was used as a rallying cry for frugality.  Lynette and her Frugal Yankee retreat would like this idea.  Faye and Nicole are selecting designs, linen, and fibers which they have in their stash instead of acquiring more.  Great idea girls, Grandmother Rebecca and Mother Dorothy highly approve.

To spread the excitement and enjoyment of Stitch Maynia 2019 or Stitch Nine Challenge, I decided to spread the love and include WIP's, quilting, hooking, punching, stitching and finishing.  Nicole is spreading her love by starting a new project every other day and working on a new start for two days.

My limited approach to Stitch Maynia 2019 or Stitch Nine Challenge

With a grateful heart I can say I have sufficiently recovered from the scourge of the dreaded poison ivy to continue needlework.  The Old Tattered Flag, Skinny Saltbox has been loaded onto my Nistock Farms punching frame and I "shopped" through my fibers and found a sufficient amount of fibers for this project.  In the spirit of Make Do, I also have the bread board to use for mounting the finished piece.

Am really enjoying "using up" the five inch charm squares, some of them have been in. my stash for years.  Am waiting on an order of shirting fabric to continue with the setting.  AppleJack and I have family which will be graduating high school and starting life on their own.  Nothing says love like the warmth and comfort of a quilt.  We older girls know there are going to be times in their life when they will need love and comfort.

Memorial Star is all ready to go.  Most of the wool came from my stash.  The design has been in my stash a few years.  Thanks to Liseanne and Ron Miller and the Beat the Heat and March Madness events, I found the needed background wool.

WIP's, FFO's and new stitching starts:

Finish the Adam and Eve motif from the Hands Across the Sea Sampler, Elizabeth Furniss.  Am so very close--maybe this weekend.

The stitching part of this project has been completed for more than a year, the assembly part is waiting for my needle and thread.  This is Rose Garden Sewing Basket from Stacy Nash,

When Brenda Gervais released O Tannenbaum, I was so excited!  Would be so nice to have this piece completed for Christmas 2019.

Saw the cutest idea for stringing these stockings across a headboard.  It would be easy to have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head with these strung along the headboard.  These stockings are from the Home for the Holidays book by Blackbird Designs,

Lori Markovic released this small at market.  Small enough for some instant gratification and motivation.

Last project is Good Intentions by Kathy Barrick.  If there is a phrase which I can relate to more than Use it up, it is Good Intentions. I myself am made entirely of flaws stitched together with good intentions.  Oh Kathy Barrick, you were thinking of me when you designed this piece weren't you?

Ssssshhhh, if I had the courage to start 19 new projects here is what they would be:

  1. Shakespeare's Peddler (Theresa Vennette) Jenny Bean for the Parlor
  2. Flag Folk by Notforgotten Farm (Lori Brechlin)
  3. Spring Garden Needlework Trio by Blackberry Rabbit (Karen Kirk)
  4. Summer in Baltimore With Thy Needle and Thread (Brenda Gervais)
  5. Horse Country Holiday Artful Offerings (Karina McMillan Hittle)
  6. Kringle & Woolard Plum Street Samplers (Paulette Stewart)
  7. Coverlet Christmas Scarlet House (Tanya Brockmeyer)
  8. Sarah's House sampler Blackbird Designs (Barb and Alma)
  9. Anna Grater 1812 Scarlet House (Tanya Brockmeyer)
  10. Sally Spencer Birds of a Feather
  11. Sunday Social punch needle (Shawn Williams)
  12. Ann Wright 1726 Pinkeep Drum Samplers Not Forgotten (Kimberly Nugget)
  13. Garden Birds La D Da (Lori Markovic)
  14. Sister Suffragette Summer House (Beth Seal)
  15. Julia Fletcher 1847 Scarlet House (Tanya Brockmeyer)
  16. Baby It's Cold Outside Heartstring Samplery (Beth Twist)
  17. Pomegranate Pocket Hands on Design (Kathy Haberman)
  18. Homestead Snapperville Bent Creek
  19. My Home Needlework Press (Vickie LoPiccolo Jennett and Maegan Jennett)
It was a fun visit through my stash.  Whatever your plans are for Stitch Maynia 2019--enjoy, have fun.


  1. I enjoyed your post and thoughts on Stitch Maynia. It has been fun to read all the plans and views of Stitch Maynia 2019. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I don't know that I have ever heard of Stitch Maynia 2019 before this. And I will say that I think I might have poison ivy just thinking about 19 new projects in 19 days. Yikes!
    You have some really mouth-watering projects selected here, and I really love that last one. :)

  3. Oh my you have quite the list. I could never create 19 projects in 19 days,. Good luck. Janice

  4. Wow.... ! I guess I am out of touch with social media for the most part as I have not heard of Stitch Maynia until a few days ago...and I am not sure I have still fully grasped the concept as there are so many different “interpretations”? And while I share your phobias of a gazillion WIP’s and such, I am most tempted to look up each and every one of your stitch wish list (well, 1 as I actually have it in my stash LOL). Love all the projects you shared with us....that last one describes many of us to a “t” I’d say. Happy stitching...and quilting....and hooking LOL... ~Robin~

  5. I love your list. We must have similar tastes because I love all your projects!! No Maynia for me. I do enjoy watching everyone get ready but it is just now my cup of tea. I have no LNS so it would really require me to do lots of planning and thinking ahead.

  6. Nice lineup for Maynia. I really do like what you might have stitched though! Some of my favorites in that list. Have fun!

  7. well I do know about Stitch Maynia - Some of my EGA friends did this last year and I'm sure are going to this year. While I could certainly very easily start a new project every 19 or 31 days why in the world would I want to is all I keep asking myself. It's hard enough for me to stay loyal to things I am desperately trying to finish. I think it's good of you to include your other fibery loves like hooking and punching, quilting of course ! I admire your tenacity but count me out ! can't believe April is almost gone - take care Mel

  8. Very fun to hear and see plans for stitchmaynia. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not stitching right now. lol! No way could I do this! I'm definitely monogamous in nature. In knitting, there's a make 9 that I think lasts all year? Again, I don't do that. lol! My attention wanders and when it's time for a new project, I need to be spontaneous! I can't stick to plans. Love your plans for stitchmaynia!

  9. I could not do Stitch Mania, I have a thing about doing only one design at a time I get way too anxious and want to finish soon.
    You are very daring, love the list you have going, I am really looking forward to seeing the Stacy Nash finished.