Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May, Where did you go?

May has come and gone in a blur, we skipped spring and went from spring  (wet and cold) to summer (hot and wet).

AppleJack and I spent many of our May days building this raised garden bed.  Tomatoes, peppers, basil and cucumber is what is planted.  We are hoping this will be a three season gardening bed.

Our tomatoes are looking happier and healthier being planted.  By the way anyone who uses the term dirt cheap hasn't purchased any dirt lately.

Miss Oak Leaf Hydrangea is ready to show her stuff.

After I get the dirt cleaned out from my fingernails, I have been stitching some patriotic stitches.

Hope to have this stitched in time for Flag Day and July 4th.

While on a fabric search, I found this cat fabric and decided it would be a good project bag.

AppleJack and I took a rain break from gardening and went to the Middle TN Fiber Festival.  Isn't this a handsome guy?  With those horns, I want to be his friend.

My churn dash squares have moved from storage to WIP's--two more squares to make and then setting them on point.

Strawberry finishing class two weeks (June 9th) at Linda's house--found some great wool at the fiber festival to use for stuffing.

AppleJack is giving me the stink eye to let me know it is time to put on my gardening clothes and pull weeds and spread mulch. 


  1. Your garden looks good and healthy. The patriotic things are going to be great for Flag Day and the 4th!

  2. Those hydrangeas look lovely. When I get the time to prepare bed space I want to add an oak leaf type. Will you share the name of the design of the eagle holding the shield with the 1776 on his wings?

    1. The eagle is from Prairie Schooler Book No 91 called Summer and Winter. Hoffman is releasing thePrairie Schooler designs

  3. Your garden looks very healthy. I like your patriotic stitches. I look forward to seeing your finished strawberry.

  4. Your Patrotic designs are wonderful, your flowers are lovely. That guys horns are something else wow.


  5. Your needlework is always beautifully done. I've been given the stink eye on many occasions too!

  6. We went from Winter to Summer here in Michigan. 90 degrees past few days. Love the hydrangeas! Janice

  7. Your garden looks wonderful! Love seeing your needlework too.

  8. sounds like you've been busy with all kinds of things both inside and out. Love the patriotic items you are stitching and the churn dash is awesome but a little out of norm for your colors?? Bright summer colors ahhhhh - have fun at the strawberry finishing this weekend - Mel

  9. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !


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