Friday, June 30, 2017

He knows me so well . . .

Project Bag from the Carolina Stitcher
French General Fabric

AppleJack knows me very well!  July is a month full of many birthdays for our family.  This project bag from the Carolina Stitcher (Faye) is an early birthday gift.

A sweet Eiffel Tower charm for the French General Fabric.  

Beatrix Potter arrived!

M. Quertier, Beatrix Potter and her companion are residing in the project bag.  

Inside of Project Roll.
The sheep fabric is Primitive Gatherings and the sheep ornament is from Shepherd's Bush

Project Roll from Carolina Stitcher

The project roll has already been put into service.  Can't wait to share Faye's project bag and roll with my stitching sisters at the next stitch-in.

Thank you Faye!  They are beautiful!

Saw this ladder at an antique store.  Oh, AppleJack this would make a great display for my Jo Morton quilts,  (Hint, hint, wink, wink)


  1. I'm confused (which is easy to do to me), are the project bag and project roll two separate things?
    Whatever, what I can see is very pretty and handy. I really like the matching charms. : )
    So after giving the hint, will the ladder materialize? Just curious how things work at your house. *LOL*

  2. Lovely bag and roll, the fabric is beautiful, love the Eiffel Tower charm adds a lovely touch.
    The Sheep fabric and charm is so sweet.
    Okay I have to admit the ladders is wonderful.

    Happy Fourth

  3. Love the project bag and project roll you were given! Applejack is a definite keeper. So, will the ladder come home to live at your house? Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Faye does such a great job. I love the red colors of the fabric you chose.

  5. hope you get that adorable ladder Betty - it would be great with your mini Jo quilts. LOVE your swag from Faye ! You need to get a "sleeping bag" those are really fun to store things in and all your stitching pals will be jealous! A little envy never killed anyone eh? Have a great 4th ! Mel

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