Sunday, July 24, 2016

Christmas in July

Stacy Nash
Christmas at Hollyberry Farm
NPI Silks
Weeks Dye Works Straw 32 count

When I was active with EGA, they had a wonderful event in July called Christmas in July.  Members would begin stitching a Christmas themed project.  It was lots of fun and resulted in an ornament for the tree.

Christmas at Hollyberry Farms was released in 2012 and I was super excited for a Christmas sampler design.

Well. . . it has taken me a few years.  The border is beautiful and one of my favorite parts about the sampler and it was the reason I cast the sampler aside because my border does not meet!  Please don't send the needlework police to my house and if you do, they will be expected to find the counting error and fix it!  That big old white house is another one of my favorite parts about the sampler and I got bored stitching all that white!  Stacy stitched her sampler with over dyed fibers mine is stitched with NPI silks which are not an exact match to hers.    

The completion of one project always begs the question:  what's next?  


  1. Betty, the Farm is beautiful all gussied up for Christmas. The Needlework Police are letting you off with a hug. The word is the pattern was a little off. What a great job you did digging deep and finishing it. I used all called for flosses and linen when I stitched mine. If I stitched it again I would use a truer red as you did. But, I can't complain. It's a Stacy Nash design and beautiful no matter what colors are chosen, right? :-)

  2. It's beautiful! Love it! And only you know that the border is off a bit.

  3. I think it is impossible for anyone to tell that the border doesn't meet. It's a beautiful sampler!

  4. Beautiful! Good for you for not stressing about the border. I surely can't tell!

  5. Congratulations on your finish! It looks fabulous. So, what's next?

  6. Wow! That's gorgeous. You have been a busy stitcher!

  7. Very pretty finish! I do not stress about borders not matching exactly unless they're so far off that I can't fudge it to make it work. Yours look perfect, to me!

  8. I missed commenting on your past few posts, work travel has been killing me. The photos from the hooking retreat were awesome. Some fun things there. Yes "hookers" are so creative. Love your annie magnolia finish - also the Stacy Nash piece. One of my faves and no one would ever know about the counting error in the border - a subject best kept among friends. Can't wait to see those two framed. Stay cool and keep stitching, wont be long before we'll be visiting God's country (smoky mts) and I'm hoping for a reprieve from record high temps

  9. Congratulations on a fine finish!