Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas 2016

Welcome 2016!  While I was packing away Christmas decorations, I found these embossed prints.  One of the reasons, I seldom organize my sewing area is after my cleaning and organizing I can never find anything.

I had "organized and packed" Christmas decorations so well, I had forgotten I had these.  The top one is called Christmas Album and the bottom one is called Poinsettia.  Since I will never be able to appliqué or reproduce such miniatures, I resorted to the next best thing--embossed prints.  Now, that these treasures have been located, I will be sure to include them in Christmas decorations 2016.

And Heaven and Nature Sing

The time between Christmas and New Year's is wind down time for me.  After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I use this time as quiet time to pack away Christmas, start my holiday list and work on projects.  Each year I try to stitch one Christmas design.  This is And Heaven and Nature Sing.  I asked AppleJack what he thought and he told me he thought it was a Queen Anne coffee table whose legs are gone amuck!  Hmm, guess I need to get busy on that deer.

Country Sampler--Stacy Nash Girls Club
December 25th Pinkeep

Have also been working on the last Country Sampler kit by Stacy Nash--will make a great addition for the dough bowl.  Thank goodness this design does not require a great deal of concentration as AppleJack and I have been watching College Bowl games.  The stitching is much more enjoyable when our teams are winning.


  1. Lovely progress on the 2 Christmas pieces.
    So glad that you found the prints!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Its amazing what we tuck away and eventually find. Those are great prints. Your stitching is always so beautiful on such tiny count linen. I could see where Apple Jack was coming from with the wonky the table legs!

  3. Those embossed prints are beautiful! Great found treasure for next year! Heaven & Nature sing is off to a gorgeous start! and so is your Country Sampler!
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  4. Love the embossed prints! Your WIPs are looking good! Have a very happy New Year!

  5. I laughed out loud at Apple Jack's comment! I loved those embossed designs. They would be impossible to stitch for me too!

  6. Beautiful stitching so far! lol about Apple Jack and Queen Anne! The embossed designs are lovely. I have similar pieces too, from my quilting days.

  7. Your cross stitch is so gorgeous - bet you would excel at applique too! Lovely embossed prints - I remember having a box of smaller note cards like that.

  8. It's so fun to discover a treasure from the past--your embossed prints are beautiful!

  9. Great lost treasures!! And I think AppleJack's eye was exactly what I was looking at until you said deer - then I saw it!! :-)) Happy, Happy New Year!!

  10. The embossed prints are beautiful! Great stitchery in progress!

  11. Love the coffee leg comment so funny, it looks like a lovely design.
    Love the embossed art work so pretty.
    The Pin Keep looks lovely also.


  12. Great looking projects and I also enjoyed seeing the vintage Currier & Ives china paired up with the red Walmart modern pieces as you set your holiday table.