Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Farm

Stacy Nash Exclusive for Norden
Cherry Hollow Farm Sampler
36 count Weeks Dye Works Beige Linen
Weeks Dye Works Fibers

Yea!  A finish, a sampler, something to share at the next stitch-in.  I changed the year of the sampler to the year Grandmother Bessie and her family purchased and moved to their farm.  Instead of the three diamonds to the right of the letter "Z" I added the family name.  Another change was using Kudzu for the vine instead of cocoa.  A fun, small sampler to add to Grandmother Bessie's heritage wall.

With a finish also comes a challenge.  What's next?  Should I choose a WIP/PhD and have another finished  piece to share at stitch-in?  Maybe take a break from stitching and work on the star quilt.  Applique? Rug Hook? Start a new project?  


  1. Your Farm sampler turned out beautiful!
    What a great tribute to your grandmother Bessie!

  2. Your sampler is gorgeous and I liked how you personalized it.

  3. Beautiful! It's so sweet and perfect. Do what you feel like doing next. Follow your heart!

  4. What a wonderful sampler! Love the vintage look! Your changes are just perfect!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  5. LOVE the sampler - it's wonderful and your personalization is so sweet. I agree - do what you love but to me fall is all about the "wooley" goodness.
    I vote for wool applique, rug hooking and I would say knitting but I know you don't knit. working on a yummy quilt could be good too. Enjoy ! Mel

  6. Oh, Betty, it's beautiful, and I know it's stunning in person.

  7. Lovely sampler! Follow your instincts as far as what you should do next. Isn't it nice to have a choice? :)

  8. Your sampler is beautiful. I always admire cross stitch. I think it must take a lot of patience and careful attention, not to mention good eyes. I like that you chose to honor your grandmother and her family with their name and the year on the sampler.

  9. I love your changes they make it yours. I vote for rug hooking