Wednesday, July 29, 2015


At the last Homespun Gathering reunion, Shirley and Lori were working on their unfinished projects.  They chose twelve projects and assigned a number to it and once a month they draw a number and work on that project.  Sounded like a good idea and I thought I might give it a try.

Merry Christmas
Threadwork Primitives (Nan Lewis)
stash linen and NPI silks
Whew!  Thank goodness my 2015 Christmas ornament is stitched and finished.  Last year at the Beat the Heat event I purchased some velveteen   The velveteen combined with some overdyed R & R cinnamon chenille made the perfect match for the ornament.

Love Never Fails (Freebie)
The Primitive Hare
Betty, the finisher is just the best!  A valentine small to add to the dough bowl.

La D Da's
Grandmother Bessie was one of five sisters and La D Da has had some great releases for needlerolls and needle books.  The Hog Wild Blue one is for Grandmother Bessie (she had blue eyes) the needle roll on the left is for Sister Maggie and the basket weave needle book is for Sister Kittie.

Emila Poole
Stacy Nash
Stitching those little X's was a challenge.  Stacy's book, My Name is Lydia gave some great directions for stitching the X's.  My X's are far from perfect and definitely have the primitive look--practice makes perfect, time to get out my doodle cloth and practice, practice, practice. 

Coxcombs, Currants and Rose
The Goode Huswife 

Milk paint and elbow grease transform a paper machie box into another nesting box.  The design will be mounted on top of the box with some twisted cord.

Whaling Ship
Stacy Nash
I found a carrier at The Olde Mercantile in Clarksville and am going to line the bottom of  the carrier with  Whaling Ship.  Hmm, maybe a whale scissors fob would be a good addition.  (The Primitive Hare just released one which I think might work.)  Or a long pincushion with an anchor, a mermaid and octopus.

So nice to complete projects!  There are more in the works which I hope to complete before the August gathering. 


  1. I am impressed with all your wonderful projects!!

  2. So many wonderful projects. Your beautiful work looks perfect to me. I've used the same technique of picking 12 projects and drawing a number to know what I needed to work on. It was pretty successful and it's seems to have worked for you too.

  3. What wonderful finishes! They're all wonderful. I did a lot of cross stitching before I renewed my love of quilting. I think, every once in a while, about picking up a project ... usually after I see your lovely work. ;-)

  4. Love all your finishes, what a great idea, a number system is what I should use.
    Congratulations on your finishes.


  5. Wow, what a wonderful assortment of finishes you shared! Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Oh my! What a treat this post is. I love everything! All the pieces are beautiful, and the finishing is amazing!

  7. beautiful work....i have the "love never fails" but it isn't finished....and hexies! even i don't do those little ones...very nice blog...and thanks for visiting mine!

  8. Wow! How wonderful to have all of these finishes. I love that you honor your family in so many of your pieces. Gorgeous finishing!