Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Love Affair with Flowers

Hydrangea's from Trader Joe's to brighten the mantel.

My Oak Leaf Hydrangea loaded with blooms.  My new secret weapon for hydrangea--Epson salt.  This plant never disappoints--it is beautiful in the spring with all the flower heads.  In the fall the flower heads turn a rusty cinnamon color and the birds feed on them in the winter.
Daffodils--they greet me each spring with their bring yellow flower heads.  A welcome sight after a long winter.
The smell of Sweet hyacinth's planted by the door waiting to greet me after a long day.

Iris, the poor man's orchid, such a beautiful hardy plant.

Pansies with their bright cheerful smile sometimes hardy enough to survive the long cold winter.

And then there are the peonies!
The daylilies will soon be blooming and the purple coneflower, the roses, the clematis, roses, lavender so many flowers to bring endless delight!
I have a serious love affair with flowers.


  1. You have so many beauties in your garden! So lovely!

  2. You and I are having the same kind of love affairs!

  3. Beautiful flowers! Epsom salts, eh? Do you sprinkle them on the ground or mix them with water and then use that to water the hydrangea? Mine never did bloom last year and am looking for something to get them to bloom this summer.

  4. One of my clematis just bloomed! At our old house I had the most gorgeous peonies...
    I've never had good luck with hydrangea but they are one of my most favorite flowers. I can grow hibiscus like a weed...they are coming up but not big enough yet...Thank you for sharing I love my flowers too!

  5. Your flowers are lovely. Is that a cat figure in with your pansies? Miss Callie Mae is so pretty. That tail...amazing color combination.

  6. wow, my peonies are just golf ball sized buds as of yesterday afternoon. My roses are just starting to bloom and my hydrangea's are both not looking so hot. Whats the deal with the salt? is that to change the color? or to make them grow better?

  7. Those are gorgeous !
    We are behind in our planting--lots of rain

    I am your latest follower--please join the
    fun over at my blog too.

    M :)