Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dogwood Winter

Grandmother Bessie would call the drop in temps and cold winds "Dogwood Winter."

The dogwoods are glorious this year.  Drive in any direction and the dogwoods are blooming.  

I planted these flowers last fall.  During our cold winter they turned brown and looked dead.  A few warm days and bright sunlight have brought them back to life.

Miss Nellie Moser clematis will soon be blooming

along with her companion friend, The Fairy rose.

The peonies will be blooming

Daylilies will be blooming and the bird bath will need a good bath.

Miss Knock Out Rose

and Miss Red Japanese Maple are in competition for "she whose foliage most looks like red velvet cake."

Time in the garden--just what I need to cure those winter blues and ailments.


  1. I love your beautiful garden and the promise it holds for Spring!

  2. Wow, what a lovely garden! Beautiful dogwood!

  3. Beautiful flower photos!! I love dogwoods. They are our provincial flower :D They haven't bloomed yet though. The cherry blossoms and magnolias are almost finished blossoming so they should be up soon.

  4. the gardens are lovely and I adore dogwood but ours are all gone now. We went from unseasonably cold to ungodly hot and poof they were gone.
    Hope the Easter bunny finds your basket - Mel

  5. Beatiful gardens!! Love dogwoods and the Dogwood Winter ~ I think we had one of those this year for sure! I loved the years we lived in TN and the Dogwood festivals!