Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just In Time

I finished piecing the red bow tie quilt just in time--the backing fabric arrived from  After languishing in the uncompleted project pile for years, the bow tie quilt is finally pieced!

 I did wash the backing fabric.  Shout's Color Catcher is a keeper--the whites in the fabric are still white.  Yes, there has been more than one laundry disaster at Thistle Manor.  AppleJack says:  "a man has to have a strong constitution and self esteem to wear the "pink" undergarments of shame."

Next on the quilting agenda--another unfinished quilt:  Jo Morton's Goose Tracks.  The Goose Tracks quilt is one of the Jo Morton Little Women Club #11 (2012) which I did not complete.  Famous last Betty words:  should not take long to set the blocks together.   

Today I will be taking a quilting break and doing yard and garden work!  Spring has returned and the weatherman says the day time temps for the next seven days will be in the 70's!  The birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the weeds and the aphids are calling my name.  Next Year here I come! 


  1. I think you're on a red kick. Gorgeous, both pieces! I love that backing -- wow!

  2. I love that background! It's so unique - the quilt looks very cozy.

  3. RED is my favorite color and I have fell in love with your 2 quilts ! Just beautiful !

  4. I like the backing fabric. Works so well with the red bow ties.