Tuesday, April 20, 2021

ahh Spring

Tennessee is having a typical spring:  pleasant and in the 70's one day, and freezing cold the next day.  A light dusting of snow on the daffodils is common.

My Grandmother Bessie who was a great gardener always said, the colder the winter the prettier the spring.  Maybe 2020 taught us to look at things differently.

My neighbors shook their heads last year, when I decided to re work a garden bed in August!  Yes, I must admit it was hot, hot, hot.  

And when I am feeling discouraged, this flower rewards me and gives me courage to carry on.

Iris, sometimes called the poor man's orchid.  My father swore Iris could grow in concrete.

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just been super super busy.  Yes, I have stitching to share, some rug hooking and even a little quilting.  


  1. Oh,Betty. Your flowers are looking so lovely. It looks like your work during the heat of August paid off on that flower bed. I think we are in for a cold snap tomorrow in southern TN; hopefully it will not hurt the plants though. I look forward to seeing your projects soon. Happy gardening.

  2. Pretty flowers! We are in the midst of a snowstorm here in Michigan right now. Our poor Spring flowers are covered in snow now. Janice

  3. All those flowers are beautiful!The weather is the same here. Record highs one day and sleet a week later!

  4. Very pretty flowers.
    I love the white/purple Iris, it's my favorite flower.
    We also had some warm days, now snow is predicted.

  5. Beautiful flowers!
    Looking forward to your stitching, hooking and quilting projects!

  6. None of those are blooming here yet, so thanks for the garden tour. Beautiful!

  7. Lovely flowers Betty hot august work has definitely paid off

  8. Good morning! Absolutely gorgeous flowers! And my dad always said don't plant irises...they are a lot of trouble when you have to clean them up after the summer. LOL I'm amazed at how many different colors there are...it will take me 50 years to collect the ones I want.

  9. Your flowers are beautiful. Probably by this time of the year, you have others blooming?