Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Winter which has lasted a week!

It rarely snows in Nashville.  The average snow fall is 4 inches a year.  Temperatures rarely dip below freezing.  That all changed this week.  It started with freezing rain and ice which covered the roads in 1-3" of solid ice, followed by a 3-4" of powdery snow and temps which haven't reached above freezing in a record setting seven days.  For my friends who are chuckling, I salute you and your winter surviving skills.  The entertainment for the week has been watching cars attempting to driving up and down the street, without getting stuck, stalled or taking out the neighbors mailbox. The happy side of this:  stitching.  

My Dear Hearts

Blackbird Designs 

32 count Weeks Dye Works Aztec Red

Haunted Stitches Needle-book

Stacy Nash

37 count Legacy Sotema Linen Russian Tea Cake

Cats on Parade

Blackbird Designs

40 count Weeks Dye Works Havana

Redwork Stitching Pocket & Chatelaine

Stacy Nash

40 ct Olde Massachusetts linen by The Primitive Hare 

Because I had finally finished the stitching on three projects, I treated myself to this new start.  It's all about the finishing on this one.  

In the spirit of practicing my year of the D (destash, declutter, donate) I found this design languishing in my stash.  Noel has been there a long, long time.  Notice she is on burlap and not linen.  Here is a clue to her age:  she was purchased at Joan Moshimer's shop in Maine!  Instead of shopping for wool, I visited by wool stash and found wools which will work.  Hopefully, the only wools which will need to be purchased are the nighttime blues for the background.  

The Nashville Needlework Market as I know it and love it has been cancelled for this year.  My wallet and my budget are thankful.  This gosh awful pandemic has taught me many things, shown be many things.  Am grateful so many have returned to the needle arts (stitching, quilting, rug hooking, wool appliqué).  I have so many wonderful designs, linens, and fibers in my stash--it has been fun to rediscover them and give them some much needed time and attention.

Todays goal:  Dig out.  The sun is shinning, today's high 38.  My to do list grows longer and longer. The good news: there is a high of 60 forecast for next week.  The bad news:  no one will be able to fit into their spring and summer clothes.


  1. I am loving all your stitching! My favorite is the yet to be finished stitching pocket.
    How sad about the Needlework Market (even if good for the wallet). There are already rug camps scheduled for June that have been cancelled. I am so Covid weary...sigh.
    I bet Nashville about shutdown, not being equipped to handle that kind of weather. Thankfully with 60* temps it will melt quickly.
    If you run out of things to "D", you are welcome to come to Ohio ;-)
    Happy stitching...and hooking.

  2. all beautiful things....i am always torn between counted cross-stitch and quilting, but since i have more fabric than floss, the latter wins out and i have to turn a blind eye to the former...always difficult!

  3. And when you're done "D'ing" at your house and Lauren's, you can head for Nod....but you might want to wait until summer as I consider anything above 0º a heat wave. We are coming off about 2 weeks of -30º - -40º, without windchills. And 4" of snow is a "dusting" LOL. Love all of your projects, but dang, I do believe we are living parallel stitching lives.... I am just finishing up "Dear Hearts" and "Cats on Parade" is in que. I like the Havana you used for it....I think I had intended the original called for orange-ish linen (forget what it actually is at this point), but may have to rethink that. ~Robin~

  4. I think we all have learned some things from the pandemic. I have been so thankful for books and stitching. Last year we were in Tennessee for the antique weekend with my sister and BIL. I was sad that we could not go this year but after hearing about the weather, it appears that we were blessed! Great stitching! I especially love Dear Hearts. That red is beautiful!

  5. I am not sure I like the front of Stacy's Haunted Stitches needlebook which is why I won't be buying that one, but I love the design on the reverse. I am currently stitching her Red Hydrangea pinkeep and another pinkeep I have seen is solidly stitched with hearts on the back, so much more interesting that just a plain linen backing.

  6. I think we all got a lot of stitching done this winter.
    We have a lot of snow & very cold temps in WI.
    Hopefully it will warm up soon.

  7. So glad you are safe at home (with power and heat)! This Winter has been so horrible for so many people. Here in Central NJ we haven't had "real" snow in about 10 years. This year we got 2 ft February 1st... plus additional storms... so we've been covered in (at least a foot) of snow for 3 weeks now. So YES, the AWESOME side of it is more "guilt free" time to stay indoors and stitch, quilt and hook! Nashville Market is all online this year (vendors only). Some of the online shops I buy from regularly are posting their pre-orders for market releases... I gotta say that while last year had MANY beautiful designs... this year? Not so much... which is fine, cuz I have too much stash!

  8. Oh, I enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful stitching you have accomplished.
    Got a giggle from your "bad news" at the end. Sadly, all too true for me!

  9. So glad you all have thawed out. The snow did not make it over the mountain for us to enjoy any snowcream though. You got to work on a lot of amazing projects though. I just love the Haunted Stitches piece. Well they are all gorgeous. Have a great week; I am waiting for warm weather too.

  10. Catching up many pretty patterns you have finished. Good luck with your Noel wool piece. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

  11. You have done so many lovely designs and so much stitching, I am a bit jealous.
    I am not a fan of snow and living here in Minnesota I can only imagine what it is like for a warm weather state to get snow.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.