Thursday, September 28, 2023

Are you a Blockhead?

A few years ago, maybe five, Moda started a program called Blockheads.  Each week a Moda fabric designer would design a block and feature his/her fabric.  (Sure hope I’m being factual here)

Last week a blockhead showcasing Betsy Chutchian popped up on my Instagram feed.  I thought her fabric and design were very pretty.

I started studying the block design closer and realized the block was made from HST’s and squares.   Ahh, my skill level.

Off I dashed to fabric stash and quilting supplies.  Concentration is required to make the block, think I counted 64 pieces.  Requires brain cells to make sure all those pieces and parts are moving in the right direction.

It’s been great fun digging into the fabric stash and seeing which fabrics play nicely with each other.  I’m thinking 24 blocks with sashings and borders will make a nice sized quilt.  

Thursday, September 14, 2023

2024 Plans

 I like making plans, I like to do lists, marking off things accomplished, it is my own system of accountability.  At the sake of being redundant one of the positive things about the pandemic was rediscovering my stash.  On those days of isolation, I would shop my stash.  Rediscovering designs, fibers, finishing fabrics, accoutrements started me thinking about stitching things I always wanted to stitch.  So. . .for 2024 I have decided to focus on those pieces.  I’m calling it things you always wanted to stitch, but allowed yourself to be distracted by new releases. Don’t start thinking I won’t get pulled away, because there are some retreat pieces I have already put on shopping wish list.  In no particular order here are older designs I want to stitch in 2024.  

Harriet Elizabeth Coe
With Thy Needle and Thread/Brenda Gervais 
Released/Reproduced in 2013

Plans are to stitch on a piece of Weeks Dye Works linen called Linen.  Will be modifying her name to Great Grandmother Harriet Ward.  Lots of eyelets in this sampler and I enjoy eyelets, but will stitch other pieces to give myself a break from them.


This was released as a kit in 2014 (The Scarlett House/Norden Crafts).  2014, yes this has been in my stash for a few years.  Love the stone house, reminds me of the stone houses in Pennsylvania.

                       Thomas the Turkey and The Reverend Gordon Squashbottom                                                

Notforgotten Farm/Lori Brechlin released Thomas the Turkey in 2007.  When I start decorating for Thanksgiving, I ask myself “why haven’t you stitched Thomas the Turkey?”   The Rev as he is affectionately called is just one of those fun seasonal fall stitches.  

Couldn’t resist including a Blackbird Design.  I do love drums and Hobby Lobby has some great candle stands for displaying.  Am thinking about using Mayflower linen from Fox and Rabbit.

This was a club piece released through County Samplers Threads of History Club.  Am trying to stitch some of my many kits.  My dear stitching friend Jane has stitched and finished this piece and seeing hers motivated me to stitch mine.  

In the words of AppleJack “this should keep you out of trouble for awhile.”  There are many other designs calling my name and I haven’t forgotten them.  Plans may change, new releases may excite me and quilting and punch needle might also need some attention.