Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Rug Show from the Historic Franklin Rug Hooking Retreat


This rug is a wedding gift--what an amazing gift.  This photo does not even begin to do the workmanship in this rug justice.

Folk art!  This guys eyes are just the best.

I think this is Tom Turnkey--an adaptation of Lori Brechlin, Notforgotten Farm

My Country

Most appropriate for upcoming Thanksgiving--my favorite holiday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

ahh Spring

Tennessee is having a typical spring:  pleasant and in the 70's one day, and freezing cold the next day.  A light dusting of snow on the daffodils is common.

My Grandmother Bessie who was a great gardener always said, the colder the winter the prettier the spring.  Maybe 2020 taught us to look at things differently.

My neighbors shook their heads last year, when I decided to re work a garden bed in August!  Yes, I must admit it was hot, hot, hot.  

And when I am feeling discouraged, this flower rewards me and gives me courage to carry on.

Iris, sometimes called the poor man's orchid.  My father swore Iris could grow in concrete.

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just been super super busy.  Yes, I have stitching to share, some rug hooking and even a little quilting.  

Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Winter which has lasted a week!

It rarely snows in Nashville.  The average snow fall is 4 inches a year.  Temperatures rarely dip below freezing.  That all changed this week.  It started with freezing rain and ice which covered the roads in 1-3" of solid ice, followed by a 3-4" of powdery snow and temps which haven't reached above freezing in a record setting seven days.  For my friends who are chuckling, I salute you and your winter surviving skills.  The entertainment for the week has been watching cars attempting to driving up and down the street, without getting stuck, stalled or taking out the neighbors mailbox. The happy side of this:  stitching.  

My Dear Hearts

Blackbird Designs 

32 count Weeks Dye Works Aztec Red

Haunted Stitches Needle-book

Stacy Nash

37 count Legacy Sotema Linen Russian Tea Cake

Cats on Parade

Blackbird Designs

40 count Weeks Dye Works Havana

Redwork Stitching Pocket & Chatelaine

Stacy Nash

40 ct Olde Massachusetts linen by The Primitive Hare 

Because I had finally finished the stitching on three projects, I treated myself to this new start.  It's all about the finishing on this one.  

In the spirit of practicing my year of the D (destash, declutter, donate) I found this design languishing in my stash.  Noel has been there a long, long time.  Notice she is on burlap and not linen.  Here is a clue to her age:  she was purchased at Joan Moshimer's shop in Maine!  Instead of shopping for wool, I visited by wool stash and found wools which will work.  Hopefully, the only wools which will need to be purchased are the nighttime blues for the background.  

The Nashville Needlework Market as I know it and love it has been cancelled for this year.  My wallet and my budget are thankful.  This gosh awful pandemic has taught me many things, shown be many things.  Am grateful so many have returned to the needle arts (stitching, quilting, rug hooking, wool appliqué).  I have so many wonderful designs, linens, and fibers in my stash--it has been fun to rediscover them and give them some much needed time and attention.

Todays goal:  Dig out.  The sun is shinning, today's high 38.  My to do list grows longer and longer. The good news: there is a high of 60 forecast for next week.  The bad news:  no one will be able to fit into their spring and summer clothes.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

 Let Love Rule

Modern Folk Embroidery (Jacob de ????)

Mystery Linen from Stash

Gloriana Schoolhouse Red

Lady Dot Creates (chili) 2021 is going to be the year to stitch from stash.  Like most needleworkers, I have many charts, linens, and accessories in my stash and it's past time to stitch them.


Tied with Heart Strings

With Thy Needle and Thread (Brenda Gervais)

My version/conversion 

One of the many things I do which drives my partner-in-stitch-crime nuts is changing colors.  I change colors for many reasons:  I don't have the called color, the color doesn't match my backing fabric or I just don't like the color.

My Dear Hearts

Blackbird Designs

32 count Aztec Red 


Am trying something new with this stitch.  Carol, the Saltbox Stitcher stitches the border first.  Carol says this gives her landmarks.  It also lets you know the size of the completed stitch.

Token of Love

Pineberry Lane

Am hopeful, I can finish the Blackbird piece and start this, another design patiently waiting for me.   I found some pinkish velveteen which has also been in my stash.   While I'm not a pinkish kind of girl, I think it might work for Valentine's.  

Monday, January 11, 2021

Winter Decorating

 Christmas 2020 has been safely and lovingly packed away.  Stitching for Christmas 2021 has begun (the Noel sampler by With Thy Needle and Thread).  Decorating after Christmas can be a challenge.  Do I decorate for Winter? President's Day or Valentine's?  I choose all three.

It seldom snows in Nashville.  I do enjoy allowing the snowmen to stay out until Spring to remind me it is winter.  We have had some cooler temps so I don't need much reminding.  The snowmen are sitting on my save-the-stitches cathedral window quilt.  While soiled when I purchased, a good soaking in Dawn brightened it as fresh as new.

I love adding a stitched Valentine to the dough bowl.  AppleJack thought he was pretty special to have a handmade Valentine instead of a store bought Valentine. 

This year's Valentine will be Let Love Rule from Modern Folk Embroidery.  Jacob de Graef is a new to me designer and his designs are singing to my heart.  With some backing from Lady Dot Creates and School house red from Gloriana I think this will make a nice Valentine addition.  

Add some red, white and blue for President's Day.  History has always been a favorite subject for me.  Living history (pandemic, Christmas morning bombing, politics) has taught me about the sacrifices my family and the thousands of families have made for me to enjoy the freedoms I have. Let us look for the good, practice kindness and forgiveness.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Christmas Auditions

Melinda, AppleJack's niece is an eternal optimist, her glass is always half full.  Taking a note from Melinda's optimism, I have searched for something good about 2020.  For me, one of the good things about 2020 is the return of stitchers to needlework.  With all the stay at home time, people have returned to needlework and this makes me very happy. 

Searching through stash, rediscovering great designs which we now have the time to stitch.

Choosing those designs which sing to our hearts and call us "stitch me, stick me."

Giving time to a series started and near completition which will be enjoyed Christmas 2021.

Which one of these will I choose for a Christmas Day start?  Why not all of them and thumb my nose at 2020.


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Christmas 2020

Since 2020 has been such a different kind of year, I thought it was time to change things up. Instead of sitting on the mantel, the nutcrackers have been sitting atop the pie safe in our downstairs guest bedroom.  See the partial feather on the toy soldiers hat?  He's struggling with Covid fatigue.

One day while cleaning in the craft room, I found a paper mâché box and this fabric and thought why not.

Both AppleJack and his nephew, David lived in Washington DC for several years.  This tree is angels and White House ornaments David gifted to us.

Was thrift store shopping with a girl friend and found this.  It was a pillow, which I took apart, gave it a good bath and now makes a great table topper. 


Hang your stockings

Ask Santa to fill his sleigh with all the good fabric, floss, wool, and designs

And have yourself a Merry Christmas