Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Beginning of Gardening Season 2024

 My apologies to all those who suffer with allergies, the pollen count has been very high.  The dogwoods have bloomed brilliantly this year.  

Each spring AppleJack’s cousins gather together for Spring clean-up and maintenance of their family cemetery.  A large tree had fallen, we aren’t quite sure what caused it to fall:  a lightning strike, high winds, age.  

This terra cotta pot of violets sits just outside my kitchen window.  Their bright cheery colors just starts the day off with a smile.

It’s time for me to collect the tools and get to work.  The to-do list is long, the weeds are in abundance and the rewards are worth the hard work.


  1. I've always envied those who have family cemeteries. There is a comfort in knowing you are with those who knew you or, at least, with whom you some form of familial connection. There's nothing blooming here yet other than some hyacinth and crocus, although the daffodils are close. We are due for storms and rain tonight and then chillier temps again so it may be a bit yet...if everything doesn't get blown away first. Crazy winds. ~Robin~

  2. Pretty flowers.
    Things are just starting to bloom here in WI, we've had late snow & cold temps.

  3. Hopefully my lonely dogwood will be blooming soon. So pretty.
    A family cemetery. What a treasure.
    So much spring yard work to do...and my heart isn't in it this year ;-(

  4. Our flowering pear is starting to bloom. Love your violets. Such pretty colors. Janice