Saturday, May 25, 2024

Flowers v Cicadas

 Ugh, the cicadas, they are awful.  They dive bomb the car windshield, fly into the windows and screens and my hair!  I sweep the deck and the garage daily to remove them.  They are on the trees, shrubs and flowers.

The flowers seem as determined to bloom as the cicadas seem on mating.  

The hydrangea is as determined  as the cicadas.  Last year due to the flash freeze, the hydrangea hardly bloomed.  It is making up for lost time.

The daylilies are just beginning to bloom.  We’ve had lots of rain and lots of rain brings lots of weeds.  My Memorial Day weekend will be spent in the garden weeding and trying my best to avoid the dive bomb attacks of the cicadas.


  1. Beautiful blooms! You're leaps and bounds ahead of us even though we had an early spring. No cicadas here? But the bunnies have stripped my tulips, lilies, hostas, etc. so I've seen little color. Makes me so sad. When you're done weeding, you can head my way. Promise no cicadas. ;-) ~Robin~

  2. Your blooms look fabulous. Is the pink one a peony? Have a blessed day.

  3. Your flowers are simply beautiful. That blue hydrangea has stolen my heart.
    I am thankful the cicadas are not in northern Ohio. They would totally freak me out!!! (But I do have to contend with lake flies and those dreaded Canadian soldiers.)

  4. Gorgeous flowers! Wish mine were doing that well this year--and we don't even have the cicadas troubling them.
    I remember vacationing somewhere once where the cicadas were on a very populated year in their cycle. It was so intrusive and annoying. Hope you can endure!