Tuesday, November 28, 2023

 After weeks and weeks, 24 blockheads have been completed.  This project started back in late September.  Have I really been working on it for two months?  Block one was a self challenge, just to see if I could make the block.  That challenge expanded into color combinations from my stash which expanded into stash reduction which finally ended with “can I make the blocks into a quilt?”  

Much has been learned.  A class in color would have been very helpful.  Yes, tones play nicely with each other and yes chocolate brown and pink is a great combination.

Organizing fabric by color family would also have been helpful.  No more organizing fabric by designer or manufacturer.  (Almost all my fabric is Civil War reproduction).

What’s next?  Cleaning the sewing area, adding the sashing and setting the quilt.  Borders?  How many?  What color?  Width of border?  And. . .I saw another blockhead challenge for a star, there is lots of blue fabric in my stash.  


  1. These blocks are going to make a lovely quilt, happy stitching!

  2. Oh, Betty. That is lovely!!! The colors are perfectly coordinated.
    Where do you purchase your Civil War reproduction fabric? I can't find it locally...not that I need to buy fabric. I don't quilt so why am I interested? Because it is so pretty ;-)

  3. The colors you chose are just perfect. Love all of the blocks. Janice

  4. Oh, these blocks really speak to me. Looks to me like you didn't need a class on color! Good work!