Monday, June 5, 2023

Sad irons

 Antique shops, consignment shops, second hand stores, Goodwill are some of my favorite places.  Oh the treasures which can be found there.  I go with an open mind, no list and no expectations.  Some trips I walk away with treasures, other trips I walk away empty handed.

My last adventure, I saw these irons and they were called sad irons.  I had never heard them called that name.  Decided to do a little research, since laundry and especially ironing is one of my least favorite chores, I figured they were called sad irons because the poor laundress would be hot, tired and sad after doing the ironing.  Nope, they were called sad irons because sad came from the English word for solid.  The irons come in different sizes and weights.  When heated, the temp had to be just right:  not hot enough would leave wrinkles and overheated would leave scorch marks on the clothing.  The laundress would spit on the iron to gauge the temp.  

Two of these irons have been in my family for years.  They were passed to me because everyone knows my dislike for doing laundry.  Hmm, might just be the beginning of a whole new collection.


  1. This is how my maternal grandmother did ironing. I have one of hers too. Did not know why they were called sad irons though. TFS Janice

  2. Well, 3 makes a collection, no? I'd say you're well on your way. I love them as well and have many in my laundry room...full size, miniatures and in-betweens. I love the utilitarian pieces from long ago...wondering whose hands used them...their thoughts when they were using it, the troubles and joys of their lives. ~Robin~

  3. They are awesome!
    I didn't know they were called that either.

  4. What a fascinating tidbit you shared! My first thought was sad was they were left behind.

  5. I knew they were called sad irons but never knew why. Thanks for enlightening me! A new collection is always good. More fun stuff to look for ;-)